October 1, 2020


Nowadays our lifestyle totally reversed by trendy costumes and cosmetics. Marketing in costumes and cosmetics are achieved rapid growth all over the universe. This is one of the trendy sectors that all should consider. Because all feminine should have a vision in blushing them From children to the older one having a needy of cosmetics to make them glossy. Here some of the beautiful quirks that all should follow to make yourself incredible.

Contouring makes you gorgeous 

Contouring is one of the important terms for all the bridal makeup. To make the bride’s face glow and shine, all professionals handled this quirk. The contour makes a figurine look you can also contour your face by yourself. You should know where you want to contour and how to contour. Using the contour powder you can follow these steps and then you make yours like a barbie puppet.

  • Firstly you have to minimize your forehead
  • Slimming your nose cone 
  • Disappear your double chin and drawing the contour line access your cheeks
  • Elevate your eyebrows dark  

Now you got a difference on your face than the actual one.

Eye makeup attracts others 

You can makeover your face by facial, spa, contour, face cream, and other cosmetics.but the no makeup can never hit the place of eye makeup. Because eye makeup gives the complete transformation of your face and eyes.it admires and inspires others .it is vital to all the bridal makeup. You should spend more time to eye for a complete makeover.

Do it yourself 

Firstly you have to choose the stunning eye shadow related to your dress colors, and costumes. Pick a concealer for the first coating of your eye. And then use the primer before adding colors.use the proper size of brushes to get the stunning eye. Line your eye using smoky black of inner and outer corners. Provide eyelashes for a major attraction. Use a proper eye lens to keep others’ eyes engaged.

Self-care spa 

A self-care spa is the best way of saving your money from the beauty parlor. In addition to it is safe and secure. You can do it yourself with some simple tricks.

Choose your  day

You should pick the proper day for your self-care spa. Without any stress aspects, you can get your self-care properly.

Pick  your location 

Location is a must when doing a spa. The spot should be calm and peaceful. Then only it gives successful results on your body and face. A tension-free spa will always cause good vibes to your mind

Things you need 

Massage oil, steamer .natural or herbal creams.scrubbers and cotton. These are the essential needs of your spa work. Light music or karaoke are given calm to your mind during spa hours.

Hair spa 

Hair was damaged by four reasons 

  • Weather changes
  • Health conditions 
  • Spontaneous head bath 

Worst products like shampoo, artificial hair oil, hair spray, and conditioner .these are the major causes of hair spoilage. The best solution for hair damage is to use good alcohol hair products which give full growth. You can do a hair spa by yourself.

Do it yourself 

Use Aloe Vera gel, lemon extract, pure coconut oil for your hair spa. Applying oil and aloe vera gel gives a shining look to your hair before taking a head bath. Aloe vera makes your silky and smooth and no more chemicals.instaed of using lemon juice you can curd or rice water for better results.