September 24, 2020


The travel industry is the is for travel for happiness or for companies, also it was accommodating, transporting, amusing, and make our trip as a memorable one. Technology with an advanced mind has constructed special services and solutions in the various segments in the travel industry. There are impacts that are arising in the travel industry. So the industry finds the rapid solution to optimize their growth and monetary support to the country. Here some of the solutions are listed to avoid the errors and malfunctions in travel sectors

Analytic solution

In the airlines, they want to improve their customer services because air travelers can communicate with airlines about the location and various modes. So they consider the omnichannel experience to methods for airlines which estimates the clients experience at various sessions like 

  • Booking at advance
  • Booking check-in during flight
  • Luggage, and tracking, and post-flight contact.

It was created solutions for fraudulent activities during ticket cancellation to enhance the revenue, improve efficiency, balance the risk. Location analytics provide convenience to the customers, plan tourist hotspot, and improves the customers/tourist satisfaction.

Mobility solution

Nowadays the peoples use smartphone long time to access, tracking the location and at other various purposes, Mobility solution is the up to minute trend in all types of industry. We can take the solution wherever we want. It serves its customers in many ways like

  • Automated notification
  • Self -serve the request
  • Loyalty reward
  • Airport and city navigation with augmented rea;lti8y
  • Make mobile payment
  • Gamification
  • Issue the digital coupons

If the industry makes online clients engagement fast, it will increase customers and satisfaction and instant result and easy to share

Sales marketing solution

It analyzes the customer’s data and personal information and improves marketing in the travel sectors. It also improves the customers to find a new spot.

Emergency management

SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats.SWOT analysis can help the company or organization related to competition in the business world or other planning work. 

  • Especially in the travel industry, it gives solid solutions
  • It improves the critical response time at the time of emergency issues
  • Emergency management provides a solution at any perils that occurs and lower the increases safety, faster response.

Travel agency software solution

Tour writers are one other travel agency software that helps tour operators for inbound as well as outbound tour management functionalities within a suite. It is a mobile app where the clients can identify itineraries both online as well as their smartphones. It was a specially constructed app for travel agents to plan the vacation according to their customer’s budgets.

PHPTRAVELS is the PHP and MySQL is one of the travel agency software created for the online travel and booking industry. It is opting for the proprietors of hotels, holiday rentals, tour operators, restaurant villas apartments, and rooms.

Other Softwares

Rezdy, hero, tripactions, OTRAMS, Toogo ,dolphin ,traviola, etc